April 22, 2014

Exploring Urban Decay in Adelaide

Whilst Australia's fifth-largest city may be better known for its provincial attitudes, ageing population and endless vineyards, the capital of South Australia has plenty to offer the intrepid Urban Explorer. The post-industrial urban sprawl gives way to a compact city centre surrounded by parkland and bordered by the River Torrens which in turn flows into the shelter of the Gulf of St Vincent.

September 17, 2013

Transnistria - Breakaway Territory in Eastern Europe - The Land That Doesn't Exist

Transnistria is wedged between the Republic of Moldova, and the Ukraine. Last week, I drove a car in, paid a few bribes to some guys in cool uniforms, and checked it out. I would take a wild guess and say not many people have heard of this place. There's not a lot of info about Transnistria on the internet, and what is available is mostly sensationalist and or inaccurate (VICE magazine, looking at you). Unfortunately, apart from a few photos, this post will do nothing to improving the worlds knowledge of Transnistria.

June 24, 2013

Bularia: Not England, and Home to The World's Best Abandoned.... UFO

Anyone who has left a comment on this blog, knows that in 2013, I was hoping to be checking out abandoned Soviet-era architecture in Eastern Europe. Despite the metaphorical conveyor belt that seems to exist between Perth and London, the good news is, I have indeed been "stuck" in Eastern Europe for more than five months. Even better, for the price of leaving my car in the Luton Airport parking lot for a couple of hours, I can get a days worth of adventure in Bulgaria. Yes, Bulgaria. Birthplace of Iwan Iwanoff, and home to the most incredible abandoned structure anywhere on Earth.

May 19, 2013

Albania. No, it's Not Albany.

I'm stuck in the Balkans. Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia. There are a lot of people from these nations in Australia, but it seems to me that not many people know about the Balkans. Even less visit it. So, I can tell you that the people are friendly, the food is great, and it's the cheapest area of Europe. It's not far off South East Asia prices. If more people knew what this place had to offer, it would be swarming with tourists.

Financial Checklist Before You Go Travelling

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